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MyClasses Emails no working again

by William Johnson -

I think we've got MyClasses sending and receiving emails again.   It appears to have reprocessed every incoming email since Spring of 22, so if you've gotten spammed, my apologies!   At this point things should be mostly normal.   As always, let us know if you have issues at,

Be sure to fully refresh if you're having issues logging in

by William Johnson -

We're seeing a few reports of folks not having the login buttons available.   This is because of an old stylesheet still being cached in the browser.   You can generally solve this by holding shift and refreshing the page.   (You can also empty your cache or use a different browser, but the shift-refresh usually solves things.)

Courses missing on 2/21/22

by William Johnson -

We're aware some users may see courses missing from their dashboard.   The update to fix this issue is in progress and should be complete in the next couple of hours.   Thank you for your patience as we resolve this.

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